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The Ōtaki College Vision
  • School:  Is a high performing whānau based learning community that develops confident, connected, collaborative and self-managing learners. 
  • Staff:  Are committed to professional excellence to equip learners with the skills to meet intellectual and personal challenges within a safe, supportive relational environment supported by Positive Behaviour for Learning and Restorative Practices.
  • Students:  Are confident, collaborative, digitally connected and lifelong learners who display mana by being responsible, honest, respectful members of our community.
  • Community:  Is one that recognises diversity and the importance of supporting students to understand the bicultural and multicultural society within Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • World:  Is a place where we are contributing members of our local, national and global community and work towards sustainability.
Te Kawa o Te Ako (our guiding principles that underpin all we do):
  • Kotahitanga: The development and maintenance of a unity of purpose and direction
  • Pūkengatanga: The preservation, teaching and creation of mātauranga Māori
  • Kaitiakitanga: The obligation to foster and protect all living things
  • Manaakitanga: The expression of mana-enhancing behaviour towards one another
  • Whanaungatanga: The reciprocal rights and responsibilities that flow from the interrelationships of all living things
  • Te Reo: The responsibility to ensure the transmission of te reo to future generations
  • Whakapapa: The inter-relationships of all living things
  • Ūkaipōtanga: The importance of tūrangawaewae, a place where one belongs, feels valued and is able to contribute
  • Wairuatanga: The recognition of the intimate spiritual connections that link atua, humankind and nature
  • Rangatiratanga: The expression of the attributes of a Rangatira, including humility, leadership by example, generosity and diplomacy

Ōtaki College Values 

  • We speak politely and use appropriate language
  • We are active listeners and follow instructions
  • We are honest, kind, considerate, and treat others as we want to be treated
ŌC Pride|Rangatira Te Tū
  • We wear correct school uniform and dress appropriately
  • We always aim to achieve our best in all school activities and support others to do the same
  • We believe in our own mana and the mana of the college
  • We look after our environment
  • We represent and talk positively about the College in the community
Active Learning|Ākonga kamakama
  • We focus, persevere and take risks in our learning
  • We demonstrate initiative and work to improve our learning
  • We participate and contribute appropriately in all school activities
  • We arrive on time, are organised and prepared
  • We value our own and other people’s property
  • We use technology and equipment appropriately
  • We make thoughtful decisions about the safety of ourselves and others

Restorative/Positive Behaviour for Learning School
  • Building and maintaining strong and connected relationships is key to a positive education.
  • Underpinning this at Ōtaki College are Restorative Practices, PB4L, Te Kawa o Te Ako and wellbeing.
  • Restorative practices are about further developing a culture of care at Ōtaki College. This recognises and preserves everyone’s mana and dignity and creates a learning environment with positive relationships, where diversity is respected.
  • When relationships have been harmed this approach focuses on ‘making things right’ and putting strategies in place to minimise the chance of the behaviour being repeated.
  • School-wide PB4L is about creating a solid foundation for collaborative and productive relationships. Restorative practices sits within the PB4L school-wide framework developed at Ōtaki College; Respect, Ōtaki College Pride, Active Learning and Responsibility – ROAR. 
  • Wellbeing will be further enhanced through a positive education curriculum that is currently in development.

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