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Distance Learning

Distance learning involves students having lessons from a teacher who is not at the same school as themselves. Distance learning is available via the virtual learning network. You will be enrolled in a class that has a registered teacher that you will meet with once a week via a video conference link. The rest of the week you will be assigned activities that link to the video lesson and you will work on your own on these activities. Your teacher and the other members of your virtual learning class will be accessible via emails (email facilities available at school) and an intranet site. Students who are New Zealand citizens can be enrolled with the Correspondence school. Overseas students can be enrolled but there is a charge, that depends on the course. 

Why do distance learning? 
There are a number of reasons why you may have to consider distance learning for one of your subjects. The following list includes the main reasons for students at Ōtaki College to be considering distance learning:
  • Subject chosen by a student that can not be offered by the college that year due to class numbers not being sufficient to run a class. 
  • A student may have a clash on the timetable. That is, two of their chosen subjects are on the same line and therefore one subject can only be done by distance learning. 
  • A student wishes to study a subject that is not normally offered by Ōtaki College. 
  • A student may have special education needs that are best met by distance learning. 
Courses available for distance learning include:
  • Art History
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Electronics
  • Various languages
  • Sciences
Students who have had success with distance learning are organised and have proven study skills. Any student being considered for a distance learning course will need to meet the prerequisites of that course. The course will need to be followed through to the end of the course, usually one school year. Students wishing to do courses with the correspondence school will need to ensure that they are submitting work regularly, throughout the year or else they will be dropped by the correspondence school and can not re- enrol in that school year. Students will be able to gain credits through both external and internal assessments as for Ōtaki College courses.

A comprehensive list of subjects available can be found on the Virtual Learning Website