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Students must be provided with clear documentation both in regard to overall assessment procedures in each subject and in regard to specific assessment activities. Every subject submitting for NCEA must produce a student course outline and issue this to each candidate. A course outline template has been developed for school-wide use. Included on this template are generic procedures issued to all students outlining the school’s National Qualification policies and procedures.  

The course documentation given to students must contain the following:
Course Outline - this will include:
  • subject name, level and year
  • course aims
  • course description 
  • course requirements
  • for each standard offered in the course
  • the registration number and version
  • full title
  • number of credits
  • mode of assessment – internal or external
  • form of assessment - eg test, practical, seminar, speech, open book, a process of completing a portfolio of work etc
  • approximate timing of assessment
  • whether a further assessment opportunity is not available 
A statement informing students that the school’s assessment policies will apply in the course and that a copy of these can be found in the student learning coach folder

For specific courses:
  • Identification of standards that contribute towards
  • NCEA Level 1 Numeracy
  • NCEA Level 1 Literacy
  • UE Numeracy
  • UE Literacy – reading
  • UE Literacy – writing
  • For Level 3 standards, identification of the subject or domain, so that students can monitor their own progress.
For specific assessments:
  • The due date. All “due dates” should be a Monday where possible. The location of handing in such material will be widely advertised to the students by the HOD of the learning area.
  • The mechanism used by the teacher to ensure that students submit work that is authentic