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Haley Bertelsen (ŌC Student 2004 – 2010)

I enrolled at Massey University Wellington 2011 – 2014, and completed a Bachelor of Health Science with a Major in Sport and Exercise Science, and currently completing my fourth year as a postgraduate honours student.

As part of my study I have carried out both academic and practical work and gained experience in the clinical sport and exercise industry ranging from development and delivery of structured exercise programs to the Kilburnie fire service, Berhampore rest home, Kapiti Cardiac Clinic, Massey University Cardiac Clinic, a cancer survivor and paediatric cohort.

I have been involved in numerous sport and exercise research projects most recently looking at the benefits of exercise for cognitive function in children, and the role of recumbent exercise in stroke patients. I am currently half way through completing my own individual research as part of my honours, investigating the effect of an exercise intervention on oxygen delivery and utilization in the lower body during running and the differences that exist between normal weight and overweight children. I am also interested in children’s ability to accurately predict their maximal exercise limits by the use of their self-perception of exertion. After completing my research and writing up the report, my findings may become eligible for publishing in an academic journal.

Otaki College has contributed to a number of aspects of my current achievement. From being the reason for my choice in tertiary study, to providing appropriate subjects (in particular Biology, Chemistry and Physical Education) to gain admission into university, but also providing a head start in my first year at Uni as almost half the learning content became revision as it was previously taught at OC. In addition, the teacher support I was provided in pushing my work to a high standard meant I was eligible for a $3000.00 scholarship in my first year of Uni. OC taught me many essential skills, particularly being head girl I retained crucial leadership, organisation, and communication attributes which became necessary in my current study. The experience in a huge number of opportunities OC provided, it has helped shaped the pathway I have taken and will certainly contribute to my future career. Such opportunities include: school and sport councils, assemblies, powhiri, productions, sports events, house spirit activities, fundraising, peer support, STARS, and of course the numerous sporting teams and events particularly canoe polo and football.