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Poupou & Tekoteko

The poupou and tekoteko gracing the College gate are in place. 
They are kaitiaki - guardians of all in the College - and represent the extended College motto: Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui as put forward by College kaumatua Koro Rowdy Akuhata. Our thanks as a College go to carvers Arthur Thatcher and Kevin Henry, to our kaumatua, to our whanau advisory group and to Andy Fraser who liaises between TKM and College administration and who drove the project. Donations of materials from Raukawa Iwi sources and of labour and sitework by Concrete Doctors Ltd were acknowledged at the powhiri after the unveiling ceremony. The unveiling and linked ceremonies which started at 7.00am on Saturday 13th 2011 were led by Koro Rowdy with Koro Don Te Maipi performing the incantations of the unveiling ceremony. Heads of School unveiled the carvings and declared the names of the tekoteko: Maia (female) and Manawanui (male), respectively on the East and West sides of the gate.

KCDC was represented by Mayor Jenny Rowan who addressed the large gathering after the powhiri. A buffet breakfast in the College canteen, OTK Café, provided an informal end to what will be seen as a significant day in the history of the College.