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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a whole school programme which empowers students by teaching them skills and processes to resolve conflict peacefully.

The programme is run by students for their peers, with students often being appreciative of the opportunity to resolve minor conflict without teacher involvement. Mediation benefits young people by: 
  • Improving self esteem 
  • Building on life skills 
  • Providing students with the opportunity for service and leadership 
  • Enhancing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
Our Guidance Counsellor, Jo McInerney will support the work of the mediators. 

Our Restorative Mediation Team for 2015: Clare Mcinerney-Heather, Tevita Kata, Erin McArley, Francesca Flaws, Grace Teu, Isobel Cudby, Isla Gray, Adele Finnie, Toia Temperton-Royal, Kahurangi Sturmey, Ashleigh Stevenson, Cassie Lundie, Krunal Modi, Charmaine Rewi, Daniel Cudby, James Mackie-Richie, Cameron Lafrentz, Renee Winton, Connor Blair, Martina Van der Sman, Sean Squires, Maia Standen.