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Rotorua Trip (2013)

posted 20 Jul 2014, 18:28 by OC Web   [ updated 20 Jul 2014, 18:41 ]
The 2013 tourism trip set off to Rotorua early Monday. Our first attraction was the Buried Village and the waterfall walk. A fascinating place and the waterfall well worth the walk (but steep).

Next day we awoke to torrential rain, branches blown off the trees and a muck up in the itinerary. We survived a lakefront visit and a scintillating talk from Ms Campbell and then to Whakarewarewa Village. The heavens opened as we went on our guided tour. Great to hear the history and see the mini geysers but we were drenched. Popular request – cut the visit short and go and get changed.

That afternoon we went to the Museum and were treated to a video with violently shaking seats that simulated the great Tarawera eruption. The luge was rained out. That night we played 10 pin bowling. We were so slow on two lanes that they split us onto four lanes. They obviously wanted to get home that night.

Wednesday and off to the Agrodome for the sheep show and then on to Agroventures. Amelia and Josh went on the jet sprint, Pippa and Rhiannon ventured on to the floaty thing and Mark, Jasper, Ashley and Aribita conquered the bungee!

On then to Rainbow Springs. The Big Splash log ride is just an easy little float through an historical journey and again torrential rain and then suddenly, you are on the edge of a precipice and zooming down a very steep run – totally drenched from head to foot from the bow wave. Luge rained out again.

Thursday early start, off to the gondola and luge and finally success. Everyone who could did a couple of runs down and then it was into the transport and back home with the weather getting nicer and nicer as we went.

A trip to remember – a great group and lots and lots of rain. Jungle fever setting in!