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X Factor (2013)

posted 19 Jun 2014, 13:31 by OC Web   [ updated 20 Jul 2014, 18:30 ]
X-Factor tryouts were held on Saturday January 19 at Kapiti College. They were held in front of the producers and started at 10am. Maddie got there at 8:30am. The next level is the televised auditions in front of the judges in Auckland between February 26 and March 3.

Some quotes from Maddie:
“One girl waited from 3am to get 1st in”
“They opened early and I just ran for it and was around the 90th contestant to be viewed”
“they were really chilled out” – the producers she sang in front of
“they gave lots of good feedback”
Producers said Maddie was “the most original 16 yr old they’d seen on the tour so far”
Maddie “found out the day before school started and was chuffed” – that she was going to Auckland. Maddie will be performing in front of a large televised audience in Auckland in front of the judges, including Stan Walker.

Photo: Maddie Hawley-Stone waiting in the auditorium just before her audition for X-Factor 2013