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CACTUS - The Longest Day

posted 4 Aug 2016, 20:00 by OC Web   [ updated 4 Aug 2016, 20:13 ]
The CACTUS programme was organised through Constable Dan Ralph, NZ Police. The 8-week programme started mid-term 2, continued through the school holidays and finished at the end of week 1, term 3.

Students started each morning at 6am doing physical drills and training, had breakfast, and often a motivational speaker.

The CACTUS programme sets high expectations around punctuality and attendance. These expectations alongside the fantastic support from the Ōtaki Community: whanau, teachers, local business and Armed Forces, made the programme successful for the students involved.

The CACTUS program ended with the "Longest day". Students marched up Ōtaki River - up past the Chrystall's Bend walkway, then rafted down the Ōtaki River, and finally carried logs back from Ōtaki Beach to the College. Students were exhausted but excited that the day was still not over.

That evening, students marched into the Ōtaki College gym, in full school uniform to the delight and cheers of whanau and friends. Students were awarded completion certificates, heard some inspiring speeches and finished off with supper.  All students who completed the course have our sincere congratulations - it was not an easy feat!  Four special awards were made: Lance Isaac, Best Drill Trainee; Sophrose London, Best P.T. Award; Jacqui-Rae Peters, Peers' Choice Award and Te Kaha Maraki, Top Trainee Award. 

This was a very positive initiative for youth and our sincere thanks go to Dan Ralph for organising this programme.