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Cultural Week Kicks Off With Pasifika Dance

posted 15 Sep 2015, 15:40 by OC Web   [ updated 15 Sep 2015, 18:05 ]

Ōtaki College has spent the past week celebrating the cultural diversity of the College itself and of the wider community.


In the Principal's words “Ōtaki has an amazing cultural history. It is the second oldest town in Aotearoa, NZ and dates back to its founding father - Te Rauparaha. Ōtaki was initially designed as a Māori centre but as whalers increasingly spent time in the region in the off season, the two cultures blended. Since then we have seen Chinese and Italian families taking up residence to run market gardening, earning Ōtaki the nickname -“The Food Basket” of the Wellington region.


In more recent times other cultural groups have come into the town, but true to Ngati Raukawa and Ōtaki fashion, they have all been welcomed and looked after so that they can grow and thrive. Culture week at Ōtaki College is all about celebrating our history and the cultures that make the College a place with a vibrant whanau atmosphere.


Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawainui” 


 Pasifika Breeze is a group of students who represent their Pasifika groups from Tuvalu, Rarotonga and Kiribati. They intertwined the Tahitian, Tuvaluan and Rarotongan dance moves into their performance. The group have been practicing together over the year and presented a performance for the opening of our Cultural Week. The audience was enthralled. See the photos.