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Girl Up Summit

posted 13 Oct 2015, 19:42 by OC Web   [ updated 13 Oct 2015, 19:49 ]
As the United Nations Foundation's adolescent girl campaign, Girl Up engages girls to take action. A group of Ōtaki College girls attended the Wellington Summit on Sunday 11 October. Following the summit the girls' intention is to establish a Girls Up club at College.

The girls were very positive about the day:
"I really enjoyed the day and felt I learnt a lot about different ways women can be empowered and be strong leaders. All of the speakers inspired me in different ways. The ability to shed light on their different experiences and how those experiences empowered them and other women around the world, motivated me to push myself and others to achieve what they really want in life." Renee Winton

"I was mesmerised by the amazing women who spoke at the Summit. These stories have made me look at things in a different way. I really hope to start up a club at school." Ele Warwick

"I found the summit very informative and I feel like I have gained a lot of personal growth. It illuminated me to how serious gender equality is." Julia Carpenter

"The Girl Up summit was an amazing chance to meet heaps of new people and network with people who are interested in promoting positive encouragement of women. I learned a lot and enjoyed hearing from some very inspiring leaders. I enjoyed the talk on 'The Use of Language in Gender Politics' by Professor Miriam Meyerhoff, which made me open my eyes to the pressures on women and how we all need to pull together in order to boost equality and encouragement of women." Petra Joyce