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Ignite Sport Ontrack Sports Leadership Academy

posted 30 Jun 2015, 22:03 by OC Web   [ updated 30 Jun 2015, 22:03 ]
Thirty Year 10 Ōtaki College students recently had the opportunity to attend the Ontrack Sports Leadership Academy.

“Our three days at the Ontrack Sports Leadership Academy were well spent with lots of activities including Speedball, 4 Way Volleyball, Frisbee and “The Ultimate Game”. During the course we learnt about Goal Setting, Sports Fundamentals, Speed and Agility, Spatial awareness, Inner Fitness and more. These are things that are not only going to help us grow as athletes, but will help our mental health too.

We were taught that your character means a lot when it comes to being an athlete. It shows how good a person you are in and out of sport. Your reputation is just what people think/see of you and not how you truly are as a person, it’s your character that keeps you balanced. Learning about this really made us more confident, not caring about our reputation because we know what our true character is.

Our time spent at the Ontrack Sports Academy has helped us set goals for our future, it’s taught us to push ourselves, believe in ourselves, and know just because we’re from a small town that doesn’t mean we can’t do great things. It was an inspiring experience, while also being fun. We learnt leadership qualities, through the games and programmes we had, and also by the great role models we had throughout the whole course.”

Report by: Kelsi McArley, Rosana Kata and Telesia Nelson-Latu