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International Students Enjoy Life in Ōtaki

posted 8 Mar 2016, 18:55 by OC Web   [ updated 8 Mar 2016, 19:30 ]
Germany, Japan, Spain, Korea, Brazil and Easter Island have all contributed to the mixed bunch of 23 International Students who are studying at  Ōtaki College this year.  Some are here for 8 weeks, but most are here for half or a full year.

The students are all being hosted by local families and already many have participated in college activities and joined sports teams.

From Germany we welcome Nicolas, Alina, Leonie, Cheyenne, Joanna, Lara, Tobias, Lina, Jannik and Elaina.
From Japan we welcome Mayuno, Meari, Miyabi, Runa, Ryutaro, Marina and Asahi
From Korea we welcome Seungeon (Nick)
From Spain we welcome Cristina
From Brazil we welcome Beatriz
From Rapanui (Easter Island) we welcome Makenon

Last Friday the students and their host families met at the home of Howard and Liz Manins in Te Horo where they played games of mini-golf, patanque, frizby, and trampolining before enjoying a BBQ and an informal welcome. It was a great time where families got to mix and share food and chatter.

As well as the great support offered by the host families the students are supported by their teachers at college and by Avatar Loorparg (Dean and Form Teacher), Bev Kata (Homestay Coordinator), and Howard Manins (Director).