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Kāpiti Robot Wars Competition

posted 11 Aug 2015, 17:58 by OC Web   [ updated 11 Aug 2015, 18:05 ]
(See website: www.robotwars.nz for details of competition)

Ōtaki College students are very excited to be entering their hand built robot in the competition. The students took apart printers and used components that were donated by Victoria University and other sponsors (see website) to build their Robot. Stephen Aitken, teacher at the College, said that the students had so much support in local experts, including Jack Penman who is “a technical guru” and was fantastic in helping students problem solve, Elf Eldridge, who is completing a PHD in Electronics at Victoria University and inspired the students with his knowledge, humour and passion and local Waikanae wiz, Adam Fier.

Stephen said the students involved were totally engrossed in the experience, and that he was delighted by the multitude of relevant skills the students had gained throughout the process of building their Robot and entering the Competition. Year 10 student, Cody Watson, said “When we started it was slow going, now we know what to do”, another student, Daniel Ngan, said “We learnt how to program things and turn scrap into a robot. It was really fun.

Congratulations to the team, who came 2nd in their first phase meet.  Go to https://www.jackpenmanphotography.com/jacksp/generate_section_Final.cgi?sesid=dntsid_536293XsdfKXJDgCo&secno=65921&crc=30317482 for the official photos.