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Students talk about Matariki Celebration

posted 27 Jul 2016, 21:41 by OC Web   [ updated 27 Jul 2016, 21:42 ]
"On the last day of Term 2 all the Year 7 and 8 students got to wear mufti because we were all doing cool activities for Matariki. First we went to MNL and we made tinted windows. I made a window with a lizard on mine and my lizard was very colourful with lots of colours, like red, green, blue and yellow. After that, we went to Mrs Hadlum's class and coloured in feathers to make a cloak with lots of cool feathers. It was amazing! Then we went to Whaea Destine's class. When we arrived we did the Macarena dance in Maori and we heard the Matariki story. My favourite activity was making the tinted windows because I liked the colours of my lizard."  

By Anaru Baker 7/8 MNL

"On the last day of term 2, all of the year seven and eights were doing different Matariki activities. There were 4 different activities, so we did a rotation around all the year seven and eight classrooms.

The activities we did were Rakau, Making a Matariki cloak, storyies about Matariki and my favourite activity - stained glass windows.

The reason my favourite activity was the stained glass window was because I really like doing crafts, and they look really pretty once you finished making them. We used cellophane, black paper, glue and
cello tape.

Then we stuck them on the windows. They were in the shapes of apples, butterflies, birds and much more. They turned out really great.

I really enjoyed the day full of Matariki activities. I learnt lots more about it; and it was way more fun than just a normal day at school. I hope we do something like that next year."
By Katie Williamson