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Teens Take Action

posted 9 Feb 2016, 19:11 by OC Web   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 19:15 ]
Congratulations to our students and past students who showed admirable community spirit over the holiday break. 

On January 1st Miria Thompson and Karapapa Hika intervened to stop a violent carjacking.  They were returning from the beach while holidaying in Papamoa when they saw two women who seemed to be fighting by a car – one of the women was yelling “help me, help me”.  They jumped in and separated the two women.  It turned out that one of the women was trying to assault the other and steal her jewellery and car.  The police later commended the girls on their bravery, saying “These girls have done a fantastic job ... their community should be very proud.”  (Taken from an article by Adam Poulopoulos)

Elijah Tapine-Miller was one of a group of four students who created a ‘pop-up’ basketball court in a vacant lot in Ōtaki over the holidays.  Elijah said that the College students had been part of a meeting last year where youth council members talked about a Kapiti Coast District Council plan to install a basketball court.  It seemed to the boys that the plan had already existed for several years and was nowhere near coming to fruition.

The boys decided that rather than waiting around, they would set up their own court, with precise lines painted onto an unused spot near the surf lifesaving club.  The venture drew huge enthusiasm from locals, who felt that teens taking positive action was something very worthy of support.  If they can get permission and funding the boys would like to install hoops and keep the court going.  (Taken from an article by Karoline Tuckey)