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What We Are Doing in September

posted 13 Sep 2016, 20:57 by OC Web   [ updated 14 Sep 2016, 15:23 ]
You may have noticed that our News and Events mail-out has been rather sparse this term. This is not because there is not a lot happening, but rather because there is so much happening. This is the business end of the year. Students are translating the knowledge they have gained over previous months into assessment-based results and many are studying hard to continue this into the November externals. Others are concentrating on the final weeks of their tertiary courses and in some cases are undertaking extra short courses via the STARs programme. Our 2016 leavers are applying for courses, for places in hostels and for scholarships. Their teachers are supporting them by writing testimonial after testimonial. Candidates for the 2017 Heads of School are busy preparing their speeches. The Senior Leadership Team, in partnership with Curriculum Leaders, are building next year’s timetable to ensure the greatest range of courses that meet students’ needs and align with their preferences. Prizegiving cups are being polished in readiness for the November ceremonies (dates and times will be published in the next Newsletter – out Friday).

Of course serious study is not happening in isolation. Winter sport is wrapping up, we have had teams at Winter Tournament and our Outdoor Education department is running its most challenging alpine trips. This week we are running the BP Business Challenge. This is a programme organised by the Young Enterprise Trust, predominantly for Year 12s. A huge amount of enthusiasm and creativity, backed by some sound mathematical and statistical skills, are being harnessed by the teams involved. They are creating both a product and a marketing plan from scratch. Their entrepreneurial talents will be judged this afternoon (Wednesday) and a full write-up will appear in the next Newsletter. Photos can be viewed here. Next Wednesday the Performing Arts Department will be giving an end of term performance at 7.00pm which showcases the talents of the Year 11, 12 and 13 drama students. Come along and support our talented students – entry is free.

All in all a thoroughly productive time of year! Our thanks to all whanau for supporting the many and varied endeavours of our students.