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Year 7&8 Leadership Day

posted 16 Jun 2015, 21:25 by OC Web   [ updated 16 Jun 2015, 21:25 ]
On June the 16th, the year 7/8 Student Council reps, went to Palmerston North to the Regent Theatre for a National Young Leaders Day. We listened to people who were talking to us about their careers and how they started off. Liam Konise (Year 7) went up on to the stage to present one of the speakers with a present. The people speaking were; Marcus Winter, William Pike, Paul Blackwell, Jamie McDell and Chris Jupp. There were also performances by Sariyah Paitai and Phoenix Pole'anga. The students that went from our school were Kees, Jess, Maddy, Kyla, Liam, Hamaika, Karen and myself (Sophia). My favourite people there were Phoenix Pole'anga and Marcus Winter. I liked Marcus because he did some amazing artwork and I liked Phoenix Pole'anga because he was an amazing dancer. Overall, it was an awesome day. 
Sophia Kata, Year 8 Student