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2017 Heads of School

Ōtaki College Heads of School all have Student Council, Sub-Council and House responsibilities.  This structure also Incorporates a Deputy Head Girl and Head Boy and has been developed to encourage a wide range of leadership roles and opportunities for students at Ōtaki College. 

The Team:
Head Girl: Renee Winton
Head Boy: Tahu-Potiki Te Maro-Doran
Deputy Heads: Sophie Brooker and Mike McInerney-Heather
Associate Heads of School:
Marty Van Der Sman
Cameron Lafrentz
Issy Bruce
Julia Carpenter
Jamie Cook
Asahi Koizumi

Heads of Student Council: Renee Winton and Tahu-Potiki Te Maro-Doran
Renee Winton
Health and Environment:
Issy Bruce
Asahi Koizumi and Julia Carpenter
Mike McInerney-Heather

House Captains:
Kauri: Sophie Brooker
Matai: Marty Van Der Sman
Rimu: Cameron Lafrentz
Totara: Jamie Cook