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Uniform Regulations

Trousers, shorts, skirt
  1. Trousers – black 65% polyester/35%viscose to be worn above the shoe heel.
  2. Shorts – mid-grey poly-viscose to be worn above the knees.
  3. Skirt – Years 7–12 - official college skirt. Fabric wool/polyester blend, front-pleated style, waistband, half lined to be hemmed at knee level. 
*Year 13 may wear either tartan uniform skirt or a plain black skirt at knee length

Shirts, blouses, polo shirts
  1. Shirts* – plain cotton or cotton-polyester white business shirt with long or short sleeves with mid-size fold-down collars. (Seniors – Yr 11-13). *College Tie must be worn with this item.
  2. Blouses* – white 65% Polyester 35%cotton over-blouse with short or long sleeves to official college designs. (Seniors – Yr 11-13). *College Tie must be worn with this item.
  3. Polo shirts – an official college design white for girls or navy blue for boys with school crest. (Junior or Senior).
*Only the official blouses or polo shirts may be worn with the college skirt.
*All shirts or blouses with tuck-in flaps or ‘tails’ will be tucked-in to skirts, trousers or shorts at all times.
*Short sleeve shirts or blouses without tuck-in flaps may be worn out but at no time should be visible below pullovers or jackets. Collars will be worn folded down.

Warm tops
  1. Official college jersey – 50% wool/50% acrylic, navy with vee-neck and college crest.
  2. Official style college jackets – navy Canterbury Zip training jacket with college crest – navy Canterbury Fleece lined jacket with college crest.
  3. Polar fleece – official college polar fleece with college crest. 

College Blazers/Tie
  1. College ties must be worn with school blouses and skirts and uniform shoes, or with business shirts, long trousers and uniform shoes. (Seniors).
  2. A school blazer may only be worn with black trousers or a skirt (not shorts). (Seniors)

Socks, hosiery 
  1. Boys: plain dark navy mid-calf socks with gold and white stripe (with shorts and uniform shoes).
  2. Girls: plain white ankle or long socks, or plain black or neutral (skin tone) hosiery/pantyhose (with skirt and uniform shoes). 

  1. Uniform shoes are sturdy, plain black shoes (not high tops or ankle boots) with polishable finish (not canvas).
  2. Uniform sandals are plain black or brown leather Roman sandals or similar sandals to be worn with all straps firmly in place and without socks or hosiery. Sandals must have heel straps. 
Note: All footwear must have low heels and soles of maximum 3cm thickness – no ballet flats. To be worn clean and polished at all times.

Year 13
Students are expected to wear formal uniform at ALL formal events, ie College Blazer and blouse or shirt with either tartan or black skirt (girls) or black trousers (boys) and Year 13 tartan or college tie. 

Physical Education
Shorts or track pants, a tee-shirt or shirt, gym shoes. Students are required to have a complete change of clothing for physical education.

Additional optional items
  1. College scarf – Canterbury with Otaki College along one side.
  2. College beanie (winter).
  3. College bucket hat or snap-back hat (summer).
  4. The college tie may be worn with the following garments only: long sleeve shirts/blouses, long trousers, skirt and college pullover, jacket or blazer.
  5. A college blazer - a college blazer may only be worn with the college tie.

  1. If in doubt about a uniform purchase, please consult the Deans or Mr Fraser, Principal. Purchases in error can be expensive mistakes.
  2. In matters of dispute over uniform, the Principal will determine the matter.
  3. Please note that all students will be expected to dress appropriately for the occasion at all times. Sports teams are to wear appropriate dress as directed by the principal.
  4. The uniform must be worn to and from College and on all College occasions unless specific exemption is given.
  5. Students at school without uniform will be required to wear uniform items issued on the day. These will be returned at the end of the school day. Items not returned will be invoiced. Excusing notes from parents regarding uniform will influence any penalties that may be imposed but will not excuse students from the requirement to wear issued items.
  6. Students may wear plain ear studs or small sleepers, one in each ear, and one ring.
  7. No facial piercings to be worn at all.
  8. Necklaces of cultural or religious significance may be worn discreetly. Notwithstanding this, a student may be required to remove any jewellery or adornments on the grounds of safety or poor taste at the sole discretion of the deans and senior leadership team.
  9. Make-up or nail varnish may not be worn with College uniform. Students are expected to be clean and tidy.

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