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International Students have been coming to study at Ōtaki College since 1964. Over the years we have had students from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Easter Island, France, Germany, Greenland, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Russia, Samoa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Uruguay, and the USA.

Japanese love the outdoors
Two Japanese students, Mahiro and Manami have discovered Outdoor Education at Otaki College. This is so different from anything they do at school back in Tokyo and Sedai, and they are loving it. They have experienced white-water kayaking down the Otaki River, rock climbing and abseiling on Mt Ruapehu, walking the Tongariro Crossing (see photo with Mt Ngauruhoe in the background), and caving for an hour under the Tongariro forest. Howard Manins
Outdoor Education Trip by Mahiro Kawana 
I went on an Outdoor Education trip to the central North Island from May 19th to 23rd.We did caving, rock climbing, abseiling and Mt Tongariro tramping. The main activity was rock climbing. All activities were my first time except tramping because in Japan it's quite hard to do these activities so I felt that New Zealand is abundant in nature and preserving nature. My favourite activity was rock climbing because I felt fulfilment when I reached the top. Mt Tongariro tramping was impressive because the view was so beautiful, but it was very hard to climb so we supported each other. This is why we could reach the top and we saw an awesome view. Overall, I had a very good experience because I felt the differences between New Zealand and Japan. It was also a good opportunity to improve my English so I created conversations as much as I could. Consequently, I developed friendships and made new friends and improved my English. We cooked every meal by ourselves, so I realised the value of parents at other times! This trip was the best and the most worthwhile trip I have ever been on.

Tongariro Crossing by Manami Nakajima
In the middle of May, we went up the North Island on a trip for Outdoor Education class for five days. We were crossed Tongariro Mountain. We just walked up half way of the mountain and came back the same way, but it was a journey of 9 kilometres to go to the top of the mountain one way, so we walked about 18 kilometres to and from the top of the mountain. I’d never done this before, so this crossing was a first time in my life. This crossing was harder than I had imagined. At the beginning the road was not bad because there were improved steps for the climber, so I was able to walk rather smoothly. But it became harder to walk the higher we climbed, also it became colder. When we walked near the top of the mountain, it was climb rather than walk. That was so much harder and tiring, however when we got to the top, the view from there was really amazing. It was better than anything I had seen. In Japan, we can’t do this easily as we don’t have Outdoor Education class at school, so I thought that was a really valuable experience for me. Also this trip gave me many great memories with friends. So I had a wonderful time through this trip, and it was life changing for me!!

powhiri welcome

Formal Māori welcome to Ōtaki College 3rd February, 2014.

Formal Māori welcome to Ōtaki College 3rd February, 2014.

Students from Germany, Japan, Chile and Uruguay (February 2014). 
  all students of 2013

All the students from Germany, France, Japan and Korea (2013).
Marae 2013

Students experience Māori culture and a formal welcome at Raukawa Marae, Ōtaki (February 2013).
students 2012

Students from Germany, Japan, Korea, Costa Rica, France, Italy and Thailand (2012).
students Feb 2012
Jana, Annika, Thassilo from Germany and Yuzuka, Miyu, Shinomi, Ranna, Tatsuya from Japan (February 2012). 
   students July 2012

Students from Germany, Costa Rica, Italy, Korea, Japan and Thailand (July 2012).