Student Leaders

Ōtaki College Heads of School all have Student Council, Sub-Council and House responsibilities. This structure has been developed to encourage a wide range of leadership roles and opportunities for students at Ōtaki College.

The 2021 Team:

Head Girl: Krisha Modi

Head Boy: Donald Hall

Associate Heads of School:

Aleisha Blakeley

Shauna-May Jopson

Oriwa Jury

Jayden Kyle

Pairoroku Rikihana

Skye Singer

Quinn Straker

Frankie Vidulich

Kaitlin Vodanovich

Toby West

Student Councils 2021:


Oriwa Jury, Toby West, Frankie Vidulich


Aleisha Blakeley, Jayden Kyle, Skye Singer


Donald Hall, Shauna-May Jopson, Kaitlin Vodanovich


Krisha Modi, Pairoroka Rikihana, Quinn Straker

House Captains 2021:


Senior Captains: Aleisha Blakeley, Pairoroku Rikihana, Kaitlin Vodanovich

Senior Vice Captain: William Fogden

9&10 House Captain: Olivia Fogden

7&8 House Captain: Rose Reynolds


Senior Captains: Shauna-May Jopson, Oriwa Jury, Toby West

Senior Vice Captain: Max McHugo

9&10 House Captain: Grace Goodall

7&8 House Captain: Bijou Austin


Senior Captains: Krisha Modi, Donald Hall, Skye Singer, Frankie Vidulich

Senior Vice Captain: Tom Osborne

9&10 House Captain: Keira Johns

7&8 House Captain: Kasey Housiaux Roderique


Senior Captain: Jayden Kyle

Senior Vice Captain: Layton Miscall

9&10 House Captain: Harriet Georgetti

7&8 House Captain: Layton Miscall