XŌtaki Alumni Trust


To support the College in its efforts to help students achieve goals and realise their dreams, and to continue building a well-resourced 21st century school that serves and enhances the Ōtaki community the trust has actively sourced outside funding to complete the following projects within the college to date:

1st solar project 22,000

Horticulture block 15,000

Te Whare Hui homework centre 60,000

Ōtaki Scholar murals 15,000

Refurbishment of the Stephen Hillas Memorial swimming pool 80,000

SS Ōtaki Commemoration 30,000

Flag poles 7,500

2nd solar project 30,000

Playground 25,000

Financial scholarships 30,000

Spirit of Adventure Scholarship 4,000p.a.

Free Orthodontic Treatment for one student 9,000p.a.

Coffee machine hireage (to enable students to train as baristas) 2,400p.a.

And thanks to a generous donation from Graeme and Michelle Peters the Trust has been able to provide an overhead cover for an area of concrete so it may be used in all weathers (estimated cost of $20,000).

New projects the Trust is hoping to raise funds for include:

  • Improved lighting and audio in the assembly hall with an estimated cost of $53,000;

  • Construct stage three of the solar project at an estimated cost of $30,000;

  • Fund the purchase of an Ōtaki College events tent (complete with signage) at an estimated cost of $3,700;

  • Increase the number and/or value of financial scholarships.

If you would like to contact us about making a contribution towards a scholarship or any future projects please complete the donation form on our website.

If you would like to contact the XŌtaki Alumni Trust, please email the Secretary, Emma Henderson, at xotakicollegealumni@gmail.com.