Ōtaki College has a lot to offer international students. The College offers many opportunities for overseas students to mix with our students in cultural, sporting and language activities. In this way the language comes alive for them and they also get to know about New Zealand customs. Ōtaki College adheres to the Ministry of Education Code of Practice.

International Students

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Students: Who are the International Students who come to Ōtaki College?

International Students are looked after by Mr Howard Manins (Director of International Education). Ōtaki College has many features, which make it a suitable school for students from other countries. It has 475 boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 18 and has the following aspects:

  • Individual attention - many of our senior classes contain fewer than nine students so each student receives extra contact with the teacher

  • Ideal location combining town and country. Only 55 minutes away to the South is New Zealand's capital city of Wellington with its International Airport

  • Wide range of subjects and excellent teaching

  • Carefully selected home-stays and close links with the community

  • Individual needs-based English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Japanese and Chinese speakers are available for counselling, if required

Outdoor Education Option:

Many International Students are attracted to Ōtaki College to take part in the very successful Outdoor Education option. More information about this is available from the brochures (see the Documentation page) or by visiting the Outdoor Education page under the Curriculum Areas section of this website.

Students' Room:

This is the classroom where ESOL lessons are taught. International students may use this room for study when it is free. The room is open at interval and lunchtime for international students to use. Facilities in the International students' room include:

  • Kitchen

  • Computers and Printers

  • Internet Access (Ultra Fast Broadband for using Skype and other Internet Applications)

  • Tape Recorders

  • Video and Television

English Lessons:

English lessons are taught in the Overseas Students' Room every day. When a student comes to the College he/she is tested to find his/her English ability so we can put each student in the classes which suit the English level. Ōtaki College employs a very experienced and well-qualified English language teacher who helps each student develop an individual programme of school subjects including English language lessons.

Homestay Information:

Ōtaki College's Homestay Coordinator will arrange a host family for overseas students coming to the College. Living with a host family is very important for overseas visitors because it can:

  • Help you learn about the New Zealand way of life

  • Help you practice speaking English outside school

Ōtaki College selects the homestay families with great care, as they are considered to be a vital part of our programme. The Homestay Manager is a liaison between the student and the host family to make sure everything goes well. We meet our students at Wellington Airport when they arrive in New Zealand and find they settle quickly into their new home and become part of the family.

Registration of Interest:

If you think you might be interested in coming to Ōtaki College, you should email the Director of International Education expressing your interest, and supply the required details below. The Director will then contact you and answer any queries you have, as well as indicating if there is likely to be a place for you at Ōtaki College.

Required Details:

Full name:

Date of birth:

E-mail address:

City or town, and country you live in

Proposed length of stay and proposed starting date:

Any questions you have:

To email or telephone the Director of International Education (Mr Howard Manins), go to the Contact Us page for contact information, or click the following link to email Mr Howard Manins now:

Enrolment Information:

If, after contact with with the Director, you are are invited to enrol you need to complete the Enrolment form (see the Documentation page) and email it to the Director.

On receipt of this form, the Director will send you an invoice for the fees. These must be paid into the College bank. When the College has received your fees, the Director will send you two forms:

  • Offer of a Place and guarantee of accommodation

  • Receipt of your fees

You use these forms to apply for your student visa. You can get a visa and student permit application form called APPLICATION TO STUDY IN NEW ZEALAND from the New Zealand Immigration Department website at:

Overseas students must have medical and travel insurance while they are at Ōtaki College. You can arrange this yourself or you can ask the Director to help arrange it for you (this is an additional cost). If you have any valuable personal things, eg, a laptop computer or an expensive camera they should be insured too. Once you have booked your flights to New Zealand, let the College know when you will be arriving at Wellington airport. Someone from the college will meet you and bring you to Ōtaki to your homestay.

We look forward to hearing from you, and getting to know you in New Zealand.