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Important: if you are bringing a chromebook to College that has been used at home or a previous school, make sure any data on the device is saved to a USB stick. The chromebook will be reset to factory settings before we add the management console.

All year 7 to 13 Classrooms integrate digital learning into all curriculum areas to make learning more effective and engaging. To enable this students all use their own personal digital devices for their learning. Ōtaki College uses Google Apps for Education and Hapara for its digital curriculum delivery and Chromebooks are the best devices to allow this. Ōtaki College Chromebooks are quick to deploy, manage, and set policies for the whole school. Part of this management means that Chromebooks are only able to be used by the student who has been assigned that Chromebook. This also extends to the home.

Year 7 to 11 (Chromebooks ONLY)

Each student will be required to use an Ōtaki College managed Chromebook. Just like any school stationary item, the Chromebook is leased or purchased by each student. This can be organised through the Te Reanga Ipurangi Educational Trust. By using one online platform across the curriculum we can focus on developing creative thinking digital citizens. We also have a set of spare Chromebooks so if a student’s Chromebook is away for repair or replacement, the learning continues uninterrupted for that student.

Year 12 to 13

Currently senior students at Ōtaki College have the choice of which digital device to use. Students at this level may wish to keep using their Chromebook or purchase a digital device at this time to meet their particular online and software needs for specific learning, and for when they leave college. This option is available for laptops only as we do not believe that mobile phones or tablets have the capacity for this sort of specialised activity.

Te Reanga Ipurangi Ōtaki Education Trust

The Te Reanga Ipurangi Ōtaki Education Trust is a community initiative, formed following a working party set up within Te Wānanga o Raukawa. Ōtaki College is in a professional learning community of local teachers supported through the Trust with Ōtaki School, Te Kura-ā-Iwi O Whakatupuranga Rua Mano, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Rito and Waitohu School. The Trust was established under the mana of Ngāti Raukawa to serve the Ōtaki community to promote and lift educational achievement through developing digital citizenship in the community. As part of its work, the Trust supports families to get a Chromebook for their child through a lease to buy or outright purchase arrangement.

Student internet access is monitored by the NZ Crown Company N4L (Network for Learning) and our own filtering service. This helps students become good cyber citizens in an age where internet threats and inappropriate material are commonly available. The filtering is enabled for each year level, with a reducing scale as students move up each year level.

Our current Network and Internet Use Agreement, combined with a Kawa of Care and digital citizenship education will be part of a student’s orientation. Should any student be found engaging inappropriately with content, equipment or use of the ICT tools, this will be worked through according to our Restorative Practices/Positive Behaviour for Learning system.